Mini Groom

“Just a trim”
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Shareea Brown


$35 for Small Dogs [less than 25 lbs]$45 for Medium Dogs [25 to 50 lbs]$55 for Large Dogs [51 lbs and up]

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A mini groom is a trim up around the face, feet, tail, & sanitary area. It is different than a Full Groom as it does not cut hair on the torso of the dog. It is simply a clean up. They are a vital & cost efficient way of keeping your dog looking his/her best between full grooms.

Please note that it is not possible or ethical for our groomers to perform a mini groom on dogs that are extremely matted. During the consultation with your groomer, you will be informed if a mini groom is not a good solution for you in which case a full groom will be necessary.

All Mini Groom packages include:

a spa bath with massage
high-velocity blow drying
ears cleaned and/or plucked
anal glands expressed
nails clipped
trim on face, feet, tail & sanitary area
bow or bandanna

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