During this unprecedented time, my staff and I have come together and had many long talks about the best way to go about operations while keeping our community and ourselves safe. This is what we have been doing since reopening in May and what we plan to continue doing for the unforeseeable future:

Regarding clients:

  • We are only offering curbside drop offs and pick up services
  • Clients are encouraged to pleaaasssse wear a mask
  • We provide salon leads. Please strip your dog of its belongings and put one of our leads on. These leads are sanitized between uses and washed daily
  • Stay by your car
  • Your groomer will provide consultation by your car
  • We are doing grooming drop off times at 8am and noon only
  • You will be charged full price for no-showing on us
  • Doors are kept locked throughout the day
  • No clients are allowed in the shop
  • We are taking payments over the phone

What its like inside the shop:

  • Each team member has their temperature taken in the morning
  • Staff are required to wear a mask all day
  • Staff wear gloves when interacting with clients
  • We have hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies everywhere and wipe things down constantly throughout the day
  • We have a rigorous cleaning ritual in the evenings
  • Groomers are working 4, 10 hour days to better social distance but also allow full time hours
  • We no longer have a retail area
  • We no longer have a self serve area
  • If a staff member chooses to leave the state, they are required to show proof of a negative test or quarantine for two weeks before returning t work.

Our new policies are not always easy or convenient but the TDS team is dedicated to doing what is best for our community and business. Please be patient with us as we work to get each of you in – we understand the frustrations of having to wait. This is just the world we live in right now. Stay safe out there. We love you all (and your dog!)

J. Law, Owner + the TDS team

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