Jessica Law

Jessica Law


I have owned TDS since 2011. When I first took this project on, TDS was about 1500 sq. ft with 3 employees. Today, we have doubled in size, added mobile grooming, gained national attention (USA Today, HGTV to name drop... yes, I am bragging), AND, most importantly, I am proud to say that I employ 15 of the most talented, kind, wonderful people in Charlotte!

My free time is spent in pursuit of other businesses I own; Tyson + Tater, & Headdress. As well as designing dog spas for local apartment complexes. I am also the curator of Queen City Femme Fest.

When I am not working or traveling with my husband, I can be found lifting weights, reading, drawing, or hanging from the ceiling on my silks.

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Alyson Jamison

Manager + Groomer

Alyson came to The Dog Salon in 2015. She has been working with pets for 8+ years and has worked in various pet stores; animal clinics/hospitals, and now is a proud member of TDS family!

“I LOVE MY JOB!” says Alyson. “I absolutely love grooming my clients and making their families happy with the services I provide to them.”

Alyson was a natural fit for us. She has a super positive attitude and always seems to be in a good mood. She brings a very special element to the team!


Haley Bates

Manager + Client Care Coordinator

Hi 💖

My name is Haley and I just recently moved from Ohio for a fresh start in NC and started working front desk at The Dog Salon!

I just randomly woke up one day and decided that the corporate life in Ohio just wasn't for me. So I packed up and headed South! & I absolutely love it here!

My love for dogs started when I was young, with my first dog Pup (a ginormous English mastiff), who was in my life for twelve years. Since then, I have had many dogs, from American bulldogs, to golden retrievers, to my favorite little girl- Zoey. My long-haired mini-dachshund and best friend ❤️

In my free time, I like to go hiking and get tattoos. Who doesn't love a beautiful view and getting stabbed for hours on end?


William Griffin

Retail Guru + Client Care Coordinator

I was born and raised in Charlotte. I spent about a year living in Boone and 3 years living in Greensboro. I'm currently finishing up my bachelor's degree in history at UNCC. I have a young cat named Ansel and a 4 year old red lab mix named Cora who is the love of my life. Cora is the reason I became passionate about dogs and especially dog nutrition. I've been working with dogs for about 6 years. I also have about 30 houseplants, go to the mountains whenever I can and I love reading about history.


Rebecca Soby

Manager + Bather

I’m Rebecca or as I’m so lovingly called at The Dog Salon, Redbecca 🙂 I’ve been working professionally with animals for 2 year’s...can’t see myself doing anything else! There’s never been a time that I haven’t had a dog or cat in all my 37 years. Couldn’t imagine life without a rambunctious doggie in it! In my spare time me and my husband will get on our motorcycles and get lost. I also have 3 kids,(Cora, Aubrie, and Chandler) 3 ratties,(Rupert,Wilbur, and Lurvy) and 8 puppy’s that I spend my time with.

My pack consists of:
A Great Dane: Victoria 10yrs old
A pit bull: Beatrice 5yrs old
A beagle mix: Anastasia 3yrs old
An Italian greyhound mix: Molly 3yrs old
2 staffs mix: Burt and Vincent 2yrs old
A Scottie mix: Charlotte 2yrs old
A shihtzu: Mozart 6 months.
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Kat Owens

Mobile Dog Groomer Extraordinaire

Hi! I’m Kat and I am the mobile groomer. I have been working in the animal field for 19 years and have been grooming for 9 of those. Starting off working at veterinarian offices, and learning as much as possible about animals, it wasn't long until I discovered grooming. Grooming offers an opportunity to express creativity and my love of dogs, together!

I happily joined TDS family July 2017 and I absolutely love it! The Dog Salon is an amazing family that I'm so happy to have found!

When I am not driving around in Rita (our mobile unit), I enjoy spending time with my family. I am the mother of 2 amazing boys, and with my boyfriend, we have a blended family of 5! Our other children include our lab mix (Domino) and a feisty cat (Umbreon). We love spending time outdoors, crafting, cooking and making our own products.

If you see me driving around please give a wave or honk!


Danielle Thei

Mobile Dog Groomer Extraordinaire

Bio coming soon!

Lori Chatelain

Lori Chatelain


Queen Bee, Boss Lady, Ring her what you want, Lori is our Salon Manager at The Dog Salon!

Lori has had some of the same clients for the entire 12+ years she’s been at TDS! Her schedule fills fast, she is in high demand and is always busy.

Lori is a huge asset to TDS. She keeps the day to day running smoothly. She is also sort of a local icon. Lori used to run a favorite Noda dive bar maaaaany years ago. She has been working with animals in some way for over 2o years. She is our most experienced groomer at TDS.

Heather Himes

Heather Himes

Dog Groomer Extraordinaire

Heather is probably one of the funniest humans we have ever met! Her clients love her because of this. Her coworkers love/hate her because of this. She adds a lightness to our daily grind and can groom about 54 dogs in a single sitting!

Grooming is Heather’s day job.
She is also a well known local musician. Heather uses her way with words to create beautiful songs about her life experiences.

She is a huge asset to TDS & is an incredibly talented groomer.

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Angie Hicks

Dog Groomer Extraordinaire

Angie came to us a few years back when she was looking to leave the corporate grooming world – lucky us! She has many years of experience and has a way of connecting with both her human + furry clients. I love listening to her talk to clients during check in. She is always very thorough + answers every question asked in great detail. Her client list has filled fast because of this! People ADORE her.

Angie also brings a caring energy to the staff. She takes genuine interest in the people she works everyday with and really takes the time to get to know them. She has a way of making people feel important. It is not unusual to overhear the most random conversations two people could ever have while passing her table. Whether it be doggie diapers or singing opera (which she is actually very talented at) - you never know what to expect!

Shareea Brown

Shareea Brown

Dog Groomer Extraordinaire

TDS was Shareea's very frst job! I remember the day I first interviewed her. She was applying for a Dog Bather position. She was quiet and polite. I loved her immediately!

Shareea took hold of our bathing department. She came in with zero experience and a love for animals. She learned, asked questions and rallied her coworkers to find more efficient ways of doing things behind the scenes. This led to her being promoted at our Bathing Department Manager.

Years went on and Shareea wanted more. She began showing interest in grooming, asked a lot of questions, and did a lot of observing. Eventually one of our talented groomers, started to apprentice her. Sloooowly Shareea gained experience. She put in the time, practiced A LOT, read, and watched YouTube videos. She did the work.

Today, Shareea grooms for us! She still has a soft spot for bathing although she may not admit it, but I think it is because she takes such pride in everything she does. Whether it be picking out what shoes to go out in or planning a day out with her daughter, Shareea is all in when she puts her mind to something!


Dario White

Dog Groomer Extraordinaire

Dario has been grooming since he was 12 years old! He has worked his way up from a young man working on the pets of friends and family to grooming professionally at a very high level! His personal mission is to make every pet that comes into his care look and feel its very best! He loves building relationships with his clients and getting to see their positive reactions after he has worked his magic. Dario is very patient and likes to invest his time and attention fully into the pet he is working on. He believes strongly in building a trusting bond with both the owner and dog!

Dario is also an educator! The Dog Salon is excited to support his goals of starting and leading an educational program at our shop!

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Amy Reed

Dog Groomer Extraordinaire

Born and raised in New England Amy now calls Charlotte and The Dog Salon home. She has been a lifelong lover of animals and dreams to one day have her very own farm, but for now her peekapoo Chewie and kitty Sunshine is all she needs. Amy has been working in the grooming industry for 6 years and continues to learn all she can.


Shenika Hook

Dog Bather Extraordinaire

Bio coming soon!


Catherine Rodriguez

Dog Bather Extraordinaire

Bio coming soon!


Haley Mae Williams

Dog Bather Extraordinaire

Bio coming soon!

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