TYSON + TATER essential oil spray blends

Essential oil spray blend for dogs

Introducing The Dog Salon’s very own – Tyson + Tater essential oil sprays!

How Tyson + Tater came to be. A love story.

I own & operate a very popular grooming salon in Charlotte, NC. We see *many* dogs each day. Throughout the years, it has become very apparent that there is a serious spike in canine allergies, + skin/coat issues. While I am no doctor, I truly believe it has a lot to do with the quality of ingredients in products we both use on + feed to our dogs that are causing the issue.

This, combined with watching my best friend, Tyson grow old, gave me an idea! There had to be a better option for Tyson + other dogs who are suffering other than (or in addition to) just popping them pills. Tyson suffers from arthritis + general muscle stiffness. He has a hard time getting up + moving everyday. I started using diluted blends of essential oils on him. I was shocked at what happened next…

Everyday, I ask if he’s ready for a ‘spray down’. Tyson gets super excited every single time. We get to spend a few really precious moments together every day when I sit next to him + spray down his hips. I massage the blend onto his sore muscles as the blend helps him to relax him + ease tension. As he grows older, these moments we share together are increasingly important to me.

I started this line in hopes of not only creating moments but also to somehow add some balance to the diet/environmental/behavior issues we all face. I believe in this adamantly.

Our line includes the following:


    • + Lavender oil: helps ease stressful situations, calming
    • + Cedarwood oil: helps to comfort, also great for coat health
    • + Vetiver oil: grounding effect, promotes feelings of calm
    • + Frankincense oil: promotes feelings of relaxation and to balance mood
    • + Fractionated coconut oil: hydrating

    • + Lavender oil: calming and relaxing qualities, soothes occasional skin irritations
    • + Chamomile: helps calm the skin, mind & body, supports healthy immune system function
    • + Geranium: promotes clear, healthy skin & naturally repels insects
    • + Myrrh: helps soothe the skin
    • + Coconut oil: hydrates

    • + Lavender oil: widely used for its calming and relaxing qualities, helps ease feelings of tension
    • + Frankincense oil: promotes feelings of relaxation and to balance mood
    • + Myrrh oil: Promotes emotional balance and well-being, helps to uplift mood
    • + Peppermint oil: helps to relaxes occasional muscle
    • + joint stiffness, calms sensitive skin
    • + Fractionated coconut oil: helps hydrate skin

    • + Protective Blend: supports healthy immune function
      + Myrrh oil: powerful cleansing properties, especially for the mouth and throat
      + Peppermint: helps freshen breath, promotes heathy respiratory function
      + Fractionated coconut oil

    • + Eucalyptus oil: helps relax the mind, promote feeling of peace
      + Peppermint oil: natural bug repellent
      + Cedarwood: natural bug repellent, promotes relaxation
      + Arborviate oil: protects against seasonal threats, naturally repels bugs
      + Lemongrass: natural insect repellent
      + Fractionated coconut oil: hydrates skin