27 Mar 2015


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Humanity VS Vanity

This is a hot topic for many groomers. A client will walk in with a matted dog and leave very upset because the groomer refused to brush out the mats, instead opting to shave the dog down. To put it simply, “I am a groomer because I love dogs, not because I want to torture them.” says Angie Hicks from The Dog Salon. “The main issue with brushing out an excessively matted dog is just that. It hurts!”

We have shaved many a dog here at The Dog Salon. Sometimes it is by owner request but many times it is purely for the love of the dog. Sometimes, knots and not-so-serious mating can be worked out with the right tools, time, and patience. We do consultations during drop offs at The Dog Salon. This is when we inform clients of the possibilities. We have had clients argue that the groomer is just being lazy. Lori Chatelain, a Groomer of 20+ years says it best, “If they cant brush out their pet, they shouldn’t expect the groomer to be able to do it either.”

On top of that, there are many health factors that play into demating a dog. Including what may lie beneath. Mats can fester skin infections, cut off circulation and cause serious health issues. Its better to ‘start over’ with a fresh cut. “The owner really needs to be proactive in brushing their pet on a weekly basis.” according to Groomer, Lori Chatelain. There is also the option of more frequent trips to the Groomer so that we can work it out before it becomes too much!

Here are some tips on brushing:

  • If your dog does become matted,dont bathe them! This can cause mats to become even tighter, causing an even bigger issue. Its best to take them to the groomer with expectations that they will be cut short.
  • DO NOT BRUSH WET. This can be very painful to your pet as well as damaging to the coat!
  • Be mindful of brush burn! Brush burn happens when a dog is brushed too hard, too much in the same spot which irritates the skin, OR if you are using the wrong brush! The staff at The Dog Salon love to nerd out on brush talk – stop in or call anytime with questions!

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