Shareea Brown, Groomer

Our little Grasshopper!
Shareea began working at TDS a few years back. I remember the day I first interviewed her. She was applying for a Dog Bather position. She was quiet and polite. I loved her immediately! This would be (to this day), Shareea’s first job ever.

Shareea took hold of our bathing department. She came in with zero experience and a love for animals. She learned, asked questions and rallied her coworkers to find more efficient ways of doing things behind the scenes. This led to her being promoted at our Bathing Department Manager.

Years went on and Shareea wanted more. She began showing interest in grooming, asked a lot of questions, and did a lot of observing. Eventually one of our talented groomers, started to apprentice her. Sloooowly Shareea gained experience. She put in the time, practiced A LOT, read, and watched YouTube videos. She did the work.

Today, Shareea grooms for us! She still has a soft spot for bathing although she may not admit it, but I think it is because she takes such pride in everything she does. Whether it be picking out what shoes to go out in or planning a day out with her daughter, Shareea is all in when she puts her mind to something!

What are your favorite breeds to groom?
I may be crazy but I love a good Schnauzer head!
What is your favorite past time activity?
Anything my daughter, Shiann, loves. Hanging out with her is always a good time!
If you could be any pair of shoes for a day, what would you be and where would you go? 
Jimmy Choo shoes! They are my favorite! I would walk all over Manhattan during fashion week!