Lori Chatelain, Salon Manager

Lori is groomer to the more ‘challenging‘ dogs at TDS. She has a way with them. Many of her regular clients consist of dogs that have kicked out of other salons. Lori has had some of the same clients for the entire 11+ years she’s been at TDS! Her schedule fills fast, she is always busy.

Lori started out as the self-proclaimed ‘salon supervisor’ a few years back & is now officially our Salon Manager. Lori keeps everyone on their toes, staff & client alike. She is the first to call you out, and is always handing out ‘helpful’ hints. So be sure to stay on top of brushing your Poodle or she will take note!

Lori is a huge asset to TDS. She keeps the day to day running smoothly. She is also sort of a local icon. Lori used to run a favorite Noda dive bar maaaaany years ago. She has been working with animals in some way for over 2o years. She is our most experienced groomer at TDS.

Favorite breed to groom: Standard Poodle
Children: The infamous,  Tater.
Taters favorite activities: Supervising TDS, sleeping, riding in the car, & digging through her expansive toy box.


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