Angie Hicks, Groomer

Angie came to us a few years back when she was looking to leave the corporate grooming world – lucky us! She has many years of experience and has a way of connecting with both her human + furry clients. I love listening to her talk to clients during check in. She is always very thorough + answers every question asked in great detail. Her client list has filled fast because of this! People ADORE her.

Angie also brings a caring energy to the staff. She takes genuine interest in the people she works everyday with and really takes the time to get to know them. She has a way of making people feel important. It is not unusual to overhear the most random conversations two people could ever have while passing her table. Whether it be doggie diapers or singing opera (which she is actually very talented at), you never know what to expect!

Favorite breed to groom:
Favorite past time activities:
Fur children:
What is your favorite Disney movie of all time and why?

Wendy Hicks