Alyson Jamison, Groomer

Alyson slaughter came to The Dog Salon in 2015. She has being working with pets for 8+ years and has worked in various pet stores; animal clinics/hospitals, and now is a proud member of The Dog Salon family!

“I LOVE MY JOB!” says Alyson. “I absolutely love grooming my clients and making their families happy with the services I provide to them.”

Alyson was a natural fit for us. She has a super positive attitude and always seems to be in a good mood. She brings a very special element to the team. She can always be relied on to make people feel comfortable. Clients LOVE her because of this and her magical ways with making dogs feel at ease in her presence.

We are lucky to have her!

Favorite breed to groom: Pomeranians; she loves the little ones.

3 words that describe Alyson (according to the others): Kind, Funny, & Patient
Favorite activities outside of work: Spending time with her fiancee’ and her other little ones.

Fur children: Juycee, Xen, Sayuri, Peru, Puff, Ming Le
Favorite activities: Enjoying the outdoors with her husband and pups, relaxing and watching movies, and making everyone extremely jelly of her incredible dance moves!