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  1. Drea Cunningham says:

    Ok, could be totally biased since we love the owners of The Dog Salon…but must say that we were blown away by the mere idea of it when it was shared with us. The first time we visited the salon we couldn’t stop giggling and grinning to know that there was a spa for doggies with a seriously rock n’roll attitude. The Dog Salon is fun, creative, seriously professional and down to earth in its approach from canine to human in every interaction.

    My favorite experience with our dog Lucy…we had a seriously big function about to happen at the gallery that night and left Lucy there for a few hours for grooming and a little pampering while we got everything squared away. The groomers knew that we were having an industry function and that Lucy would be attending so when we picked her up, not only was she clean and fresh, but she was dolled up in bows and a purple ruffled dress…never something I would have asked for but melted upon sight. I was so happy that the ladies took the initiative to do something cool that added an extra element of fun for our guests and our family. Lucy was a big hit and we were so grateful for the personal attention from The Dog Salon.

  2. Richard Walker says:

    Nothing less than miracle workers! I’ve used them for two years now and have never been less than totally impressed with The Dog Salon. I have a golden doodle named Lucy. She was long overdue for some hair attention – we’re talkin’ white wookie for halloween and one step from going full Bob Marley with the hair (putting the DREAD in dreadlocks for certain!). I brought her in expecting that they’d have no choice but to shear her alpaca style and return me an oversized version of a hairless chihauhau, due to the matting and disheveled condition of her coat. Instead, after many an hour of tender care, I was returned a beautiful, clean smelling doodle – 20 lbs less in fur but still preserving that beautiful doodle look. Tammy is my Ceasar Milan of The Dog Salon and the whole staff (both two-legged and four) there is kind, fun and forever accommodating. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  3. Debi says:

    I am so greatful that The Dog Salon was recommended to us. Lori has always done great work with Cinders (Cocker Spaniel) and we’ve had nothing but compliments when people see him. We always tell people about The Dog Salon and how well they treat your pets. Since Cinders is hearing impaired, he’s considered a ‘special needs’ pet and Lori is so patient with him. Cinders has been a client for over 2 years and he wouldn’t go anywhere else. After visiting just once, you won’t want to take your pets to anyone else. You can tell the staff cares about animals and you can rest assured that your pet will be in good hands.

  4. Nicole says:

    Our dog Tucker is a nervous wreck, but the gals at The Dog Salon are always so wonderful and patient with him. Though we give him regular baths and a quick trim in the bathtub, he was in desperate need of a clean-up, especially his feet and nails. He came back looking so handsome – and soft as can be! The prices are so reasonable and your pet is in great care here.

  5. jessica says:

    Thank you all for the kind words! My staff and I work extremely hard to make sure our clients feel well taken care of. It means a lot to us that you took the time out of your busy lives to let us know! We would not be here if it weren’t for amazing, loyal clients like you!

  6. Sharon Kent says:

    Jakk and Sal-lee love coming to the Dog Salon. The Staff is awesome and the products are great. I appreciate their customer focus!

  7. Courtney Brown says:

    We adopted a very nervous mini Schnauzer a couple of months ago, and bringing him to The Dog Salon today was my first ever grooming experience. Tami was super patient with him and gave him an awesome cut… he smells so nice and is so soft! We think he looks awesome and will definitely bring him back when he gets shaggy again. The vibe was friendly, unpretentious, and I’m grateful for such a nice first experience.

  8. Gary Kelly says:

    To the wonderful staff at The Dog Salon,
    Thank you so much for all the attention you gave my lttle punkin doodle, Birdie. Even in the fragile, late months of her far too short life, Birdie always enjoyed coming to howl and raise the roof at the the Dog Salon. Once we pulled into the parking lot she sounded like a siren. “GET OUT OF THE WAY, I GOTTA GO SEE LORI!” Once inside she let everyone know she was IN THE HOUSE! She knew she was going to leave that joint looking like a champion. And she did! Always!
    Than you so much for treating Birdie like the special girl she was.
    All that being said…get ready for Penelope.
    Love to all of you,

  9. Sawyer says:

    Heather is amazing!! I can 100% truly say that my yorkie mix, Zephyr, who is going on 5 years old, has never had a better haircut!! Heather does the mobile grooming, which I had not done before until I moved to Charlotte recently, but it is definitely the way to go! Today was Zephyr’s second haircut with her and
    she does such great work! I’m so happy I’ve found such an awesome groomer that comes right to my door! I can be such a worry wart when it comes to my pup so I always want to be sure that he is in good hands and I’m certain of that with Heather! I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!! Thanks so much to Heather and The Dog Salon.

  10. Nancy Matthews says:

    My almost 15-yr. old Cocker Spaniel met Lori for the first time today. When I stopped in last Saturday to check The Dog Salon out I just got “A WARM AND FUZZY FEELING”!!!!! With Lily Lu Lu it was love at Lori’s first ear scratch!!! I have had problems with other grooming companies so I was on a mission to find one that would work. With other companies she would try and leave with me. That should have thrown up a red flag immediately. While Lily did not completely cooperate with getting her face and ears cut I WILL be back. Lori called me to let me know that Lily stressed out and she was going to let her rest and try again. Definitely a caring company:)

  11. Meaghan & Alan Childs says:

    We own 2 Great Pyrenees dogs that are used for Livestock Guardian purposes. They are very large and hard to get off the farm to take to a groomer. Once a year they require to be shaved down due to the summer heat and extensive mats. We called a bunch of mobile groomers and The Pet Salon immediately responded to our request. They fit us in their schedule quickly. Heather Himes arrived to our farm today and was a delight. She was kind, personable, and professional. We were looking for our boys to get a basic clip down, nothing fancy. Heather did such a great job! She shaped their heads and tails perfectly. And their bodies are so smooth with no clipper marks. At 130+ pounds each, I know the dogs were not an easy task. We plan to use Heather and The Dog Salon on a regular basis. The entire experience was such a delight! We have already recommended them to another friend with a Great Pyrenees. Thanks again for everything!

  12. Jenny Wells says:

    The Dog Salon is the most professional grooming business I’ve ever used in the 22 years of being a dog owner. Heather grooms my 15 year old Lhasa Apso, Shelby. She is especially great at dealing with the special circumstances Shelby requires due to old age and having cancer. Despite Shelby’s age and illness, she still looks like a beautiful young pup thanks to Heather!

  13. Jenny Wells says:

    Daisy is fantastic! Our pups, Shelby and Happy love her. She groomed them to perfection in only one hour. She is a wonderful addition to The Dog Salon.

  14. Michelle May says:

    They are so wonderful at the Dog Salon. Heather is an excellent/well skilled groomer and my dog Jasmine loves her. The lady that greeted us (Jessica) was so sweet. I explained Jasmine was afraid of cages and they were so kind and put her in a pen instead. Jasmine goes in with her tail wagging and comes out excited and looking beautiful. I really appreciate the folks at the Dog Salon, they are the greatest!

  15. Jocelyn Griffith says:

    Once you bring your baby here, you will never want to go anywhere else. Lucky, my dog is always treated with respect, consideration and he is spoken to like the human dog he is. They always remember him and he gets the same groomer each time, so I do not walk into any surprises. I moved here back in October and found this place on Yelp. The reviews were fantastic and I did not have any second thoughts on my decision to go there upon arrival. The place smells good, it is organized and very inviting.

  16. KR Campbell says:

    We just had our first experience a The Dog Salon. We will likely always be self-washers, but the grooming services looked on point. The people were amazing and the stations are well stocked. They provide everything you would possibly need. The shampoo smells great and the shop dogs are pretty awesome too. We will definitely be back.

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