05 Jan 2017


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Shareea Brown is our little grasshopper!

It was a quiet, fall morning back in 2013 when I first met Shareea. She was part of a program that helped single mothers to find jobs. We had agreed on a day and time to meet for an interview. In walks Shareea. Early to arrive, super quiet, very polite with one hell of a handshake – all things that I admire in a person! She even looked me in the eyes when she answered my questions! I was taken back from this after what seemed like an endless stream of seriously terrible interviews!

Shareea had zero experience. She had actually never had a real job before that day. I had no real reason to hire her or even give her an opportunity but something told me to listen to my gut & give her a try. After all, she had to be a better choice than the girl who had literally teetered in on stripper heels before her!

I have never been more impressed + proud of myself for making that decision! I absolutely LOVE to tell Shareea’s story! Here it is:

Shareea was brought on as a dog bather. We had to work with her a lot in the beginning but she eventually worked her way up to become the manager of our bathing department! She had employees under her and fearlessly led that team each day through a never ending list of clients who needed to be washed up to Lori’s intense standards. She was incredible. She used her mom voice often and got things done for us!

One day, Shareea asked to speak to me privately. Anyone who owns a business or manages other people knows the feeling of dread that instantly washes over you when you hear those words. I agreed and what came flying out of her mouth next surprised me…

“I want to be a Groomer.”

That’s all it took. More than anything on this planet, the spirit of a young woman going after her dreams is absolutely the way to my heart. We set forth a plan for her. She had a very strict training schedule under my groomers (something we NEVER do) as well as a pretty intense hands-on workshop schedule we made her sign up for at The Atlanta Pet Fair. I explained to her that if she really was serious and wanted it bad enough, it was absolutely possible but it was on her to put in the time and make it happen. That’s exactly what she did.

I am proud to say that today Shareea is a Groomer here at The Dog Salon. She is immensely talented and is always willing to learn & help out her co-workers. She has come such a long way and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for her. She is a true inspiration for other young mothers out there and a great role model for her beautiful daughter.

Shareea is in the process of building up her client list! To book with her, call us at 704.248.0991 and request to see Shareea (AKA Riri) – you will not be disappointed!

You can read more about her here!

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