12 Jan 2017


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TATE ROBERTS is a diamond in the rough!

A little-known fact about The Dog Salon is that we have different departments that all work seamlessly together to create the best overall experience for our clients, furry & human.

Here’s what it looks like:

  • Client Care Dept.
    • Specializing in client satisfaction
  • Grooming Dept.
    • Providing the best grooming you can find in CLT
  • Bathing Dept.
    • Executes flawless dog bathing (yes, that very much IS a thing!)

Meet Tate! She is the Manager of our Bathing Department! Tate is hardcore. She leads a team of four other bathers, does quality control on every dog that walks out of here, handles our never ending list of salon repairs, tracks our shampoo usage, and keeps a detailed cleaning list. She does all of this while jamming out (and sometimes singing along to) 80’s rock. She preaches the importance of communication to her staff and is the first to wrap a towel around her beautiful curly head and blow the undercoat out of a Husky without complaint (we have photo evidence)! She is the definition of a leader.

Tate has always worked really hard. She comes to us after years of laboring away on a horse farm. She is a talented photographer likes to be outside, travel, and workout. All this while attending college with what I can only assume is a 4.0 GPA. Tate absolutely loves animals of any sort! I think she owns no less that roughly 9 dogs between her and her mom.

Tate is the sort of employee that you can trust without hesitation. She has a key to my house! She willingly stays there and cares for my high maintenance bunch of misfits anytime I ask her. It is awesome!

So next time you are at The Dog Salon and see a stunning young woman walking around who doesn’t appear to fit in with the rest of us – you know you’ve spotted her! Say hello and thank you for the flawless execution of your pups bath because more than likely, she had something to do with it!

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