26 Jan 2017

Meet Jacki!

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Probably the nicest person at The Dog Salon, meet Jacki!

Jacki is our Client Care Specialist. She is vital to us here at The Dog Salon + has quickly become an integral part of our world. She ensures that all our clients are happy, both human + furry. Jacki talks to every single person that walks in our door + knows many of them on a first name basis. She is always in a good mood. Literally always. I don’t know how she does it.

Jacki is essential to the interworking of the salon. She schedules most all of our appointments, checks everyone in + out and somehow tames our grooming department – which really is a job of its own. She does not back down from a challenge + has even learned to decipher the encrypted to-do lists left to her from me each morning. She brings big ideas to the table, which I greatly admire, + she does it all with a big, beautiful smile on her face!

A little-known fact about Jacki is that she is the mother to an entire pack of dogs. Seriously. Ask her. AND THEY ARE ALL ENORMOUS. This is little human does not back down from a challenge + truly goes after the things that make her happy in life. This is why she is so perfect for us. She does not shy away from our colorful pack, instead, she was an instant fit.

I could go on and on about the importance of Jacki but instead, I encourage all of you reading this to get to know her a little bit more next time you visit The Dog Salon. Be sure to say hello to her + return the smile. Youll be glad you did!

2 Responses to “Meet Jacki!”

  1. Leonidas says:

    Jacki was great and very personable. I was nervous letting my big boy go with her because he was very hyper and excited but she took him and snapped him into obedience right away. Very impressed with you guys and will definitely be back in future with my other dogs.

    • JTL says:

      Thanks so much! She is pretty great and I am thrilled that you love her as much as we do! She has a soft spot for the big dogs!

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