Jessica Law, Owner

Meet the Owner: Jessica Law

I started working at The Dog Salon in 2007 to put myself through design school. By 2011, I was a small business owner.

But I should back up some…there are few minor details that took place during that 4 year period that I should mention. Below is my story (so far). My goal here is to encourage young entrepreneurs to follow their passion & to dive in head first. Feel free to read on & maybe gain something….ooooor just move on to another page.

By 2008, TDS had been sold & purchased to a couple that upon learning I was about to graduate from design school, gave me a budget and told me to re-brand the entire business. They wanted everything…a new logo, interior design, website & print. This was a dream project for most professionals, let alone a college student! Little did I know at the time but this project would change the course of my entire life.

I spent a lot of time that year visiting every grooming shop in the city disguised as a potential client. I would note things I saw, good or bad. I noticed things like cleanliness, smell, stress levels, the staff…everything played a part in building my business model. The most striking thing I noticed time and time again was how ‘old-school’ the grooming world appeared to remain with its clip art logos of puppies and bubbles…this had to change!

During the all-consuming process of the re-brand, I became incredibly attached to every aspect the business. It was my baby. I wanted to create something new in the world of dog grooming (who knew??!!). The idea was an edgy yet extremely clean, & very professional salon. The business model is completely client based. Being a super overprotective mom over my own dog, I fully understood the anxiety that some clients must feel when dropping off their pet. (That is why staff here at TDS are encouraged to build relationships with clients). I want there to be an established level of trust. I learned so much along the way, when it was time to unveil the salon to the owners (who had been away during construction), I was a nervous wreck. I mean…what if they hated it??? Luckily, (and per usual) I overreacted and they LOVED IT! Just a short period after the completion of the re-brand, I was promoted to manager and got to start implementing the notions of my business plan.

The decision to purchase the salon was the best thing I’ve ever done. I now have complete creative control to do whatever I please. From the hours I have spent coding this website, to marketing and talking about my staff to anyone who will listen…has all been an incredibly rewarding experience. I have got to create my own perfect world and with that (and with the risk of getting cheesy here), create an incredibly nurturing, staff oriented culture. I’ll be the first to admit I hold very high standards for my staff & my business to meet but it is only because I know what Team TDS is capable of! This is only the beginning, Im excited to see where we go from here! -J

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