HGTV // House Hunters

The Dog Salon had the honor of playing host to HGTV, House Hunters. The episode featured a young Charlotte couple searching for the perfect Plaza Midwood home with their Schnauzer.

The camera crew of HGTV’s House Hunters joined us for the entire day while the staff carried on work as usual. It was GREAT! The couple being featured was filmed using our self serve dog wash and picking out some cool new toys for their pup! The camera crew kept telling us ‘how california’ we were, haha!

Tater of course stole the show as soon as she saw the cameras come out. She put on her favorite pair of fairy wings and showed off some tricks on her skateboard. She had the film crew eating our of her paw! They probably have more footage of her on film than anything for the actual episode! We were all surprised they they hadn’t offered her a reality show of her own on HGTV by the time they left for the day.

We were honored to play host and everyone was so nice. Plus, it is always so awesome to hear when one of our clients tells us they caught a rerun of our episode!

HGTV, House Hunters filming

Original airing date: May 23, 2012

Photos from the taping can be found here!
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