05 Jan 2017


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Lori Chatelain is the General Manager at The Dog Salon.

She has been here since we opened our doors back in 2005 + has been working with animals for well over 20 years! You could say Lori is a local icon. She used to run a well-known local dive bar in Noda called, Bill’s Pub.

Lori is also known for her sidekick, Tater. Also a local hero. Tater Tot has a HUGE fan following that includes a group of tiny ballerinas from Open Door Studios who frequently stop in to say hello. ((Tater’s shenanigans can be followed on our Instagram page for those who are interested!))

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF LORI + TATER…or at least how I envision it. 

6am: Lori wakes up, slams a coffee & warms her hands up with one of those old school grip machine things in anticipation for the day ahead. The way I see it, she is also silently running through a list of standardized breed clip names, random client information that she will never need to remember for any reason ever, and important things to make fun of people about during the day ahead.
7 am: Shouts at Tater for the last time to,, “get out of bed and get ready to go”!
7:30am: Arrives at The Dog Salon to open shop, Tater in tow
7:45 am: Waters all of my neglected house plants. She then runs through her schedule & does a walk through of the salon to make sure everything is perfect for the day ahead.
8:00 am: Begins greeting clients + checking in her dogs
8:30am-?: Grooms no less than 47 dogs flawlessly all while making fun of her fellow employees (lovingly, of course) & doing quality control on each furry client that leaves here.
6 pm:  I am unsure what Lori does when she gets “home”. I suspect she secretly might live here, I cannot, however, prove it. I think if I had cable installed at the shop, we’d see more evidence of it in the form of McDonalds baked apple pie wrappers.

All jokes aside, Lori is the heart + soul of TDS. We adore her. She divides her time between grooming, chatting with her clients + coaching her employees up. She is the first one here and a lot of the time, last to leave. She is the real deal. Her love for dogs is evident + her grooming talents have been admired my many from across the country!

Where you can find her:
Instagram: @pinktaters

Work schedule:
Tuesday – Saturday, call us at 704.248.0991 to book with her!

Read more about Lori here!


3 Responses to “MEET YOUR GROOMER: Lori”

  1. Randy says:

    Lori is a loving, caring, and gentle person and the only person I would trust with Chrissie

  2. Melodee says:

    A second vote for Lori’s caring of our furry family members. She is kind, caring, gentle and her love for her work and our “babies’,” well being comes through every time we drop off or pick up our dog.

    Tater and friends are an added plus at the salon ❤️

    Truly a one-of-a-kind place, with an extraordinary staff!

  3. Tia Canupp says:

    I went to heaven yesterday…just wanted to tell Lori
    how much I appreciated your gentle care!
    Thank you

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