Mohawks, color, & nail polish – OH MY!

This aint yo’ Grandma’s groom shop!

Whether you want to turn heads or stop traffic – our talented team of groomers have you covered! Here at The Dog Salon, we consider ourselves the leader of creative grooming in Charlotte. We have yyyears of experience using 100% animal safe products to help add a little flair to that new haircut!

We specialize in creative color, temporary tattoos, custom cuts, airbrushing, and etching – all 100% animal safe! Plus, your dog will *love* the extra attention!

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Pricing (varies based on size, coat, & temperament):

  • Mohawks (head): $15+
    Mohawks (body): $20+
    Full body (under 25 lbs): $50+
    Full body (over 50lbs): $75+
    Airbrushing: $15+
    Tail only: $15+
    Ears only: $15+