04 Jan 2017

“I’ll have the ‘Boo’ cut”

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As the weather warms up dog owners across the nation are heading to salons to get their dog a summer buzz cut, which sounds like a great idea – but in some cases can be harmful. What many dog owners don’t realize is that each breed has its own unique fur coat and hair growth pattern, so while a buzz on Polly the Poodle might help her feel cool and free in the heat, a buzz on Paco the Pomeranian can actually keep him from getting any cool air flow.
“It’s all about the insulation. If a dog is panting our natural reaction is to think they are hot. But a lot of times when you remove the undercoat you’re taking away their insulation and as a result the cool air goes out. It’s kind of like a refrigerator,” said Tami Estep, Groomer at The Dog Salon.

Pomeranians are an arctic spritz breed – widely known for their fluffy and dense double coat with long guard hairs. They are made to be fluff balls. Unfortunately, when shaved, the inner coat becomes damaged and never grows back into that original pom fluff and instead grows back fuzzy with a wiry texture. And when the hair is shaven so short it keeps the dog from staying cool in the summer and from keeping warm during the winter. Improper grooming of your pom can also lead to post clipping alopecia, which is when their hair follicles become so damaged that there is no hair growth for anywhere between 6-12 months. And because your pup is hairless in certain areas, (commonly on the elbows and body), they no longer have a cushion in between them and the floor and can develop sores and even allergies.

“Honestly you can never tell if a dog’s hair will grow back or not. For some Pomeranians after the third shave their hair stops growing back and for some it can happen after the first puppy cut. There really is now way to know,” Estep said.

So what’s the solution to taming your poms fluffy and easily matted hair?
Keep up with at least two home brush outs weekly – making sure to comb outwards rather than backwards. Tami says the goal should be to be able to  smoothly go through the coat. And when you do go in salon, just ask for a simple thinning and trimming to shape up some of that pom fluff.

What if my Pomeranian is already shaved down? Where do I go from here?
Often times their hair can grow back if kept away from clippers and scissors for at least a year, a little mini groom for the face, feet and sanitary is fine. But hey at the end of the day it is your decision – and if your dog is shaved don’t feel guilty, it’s not the end of the world! We can fix your pom up with a trimmed up lion cut or even hook them up with some creative color temporary tattoos.

Feel free to give us a call or just come on in and we can help you figure something that best fits your lifestyle needs!

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