26 Jan 2017

Meet Jacki!

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Probably the nicest person at The Dog Salon, meet Jacki!

Jacki is our Client Care Specialist. She is vital to us here at The Dog Salon + has quickly become an integral part of our world. She ensures that all our clients are happy, both human + furry. Jacki talks to every single person that walks in our door + knows many of them on a first name basis. She is always in a good mood. Literally always. I don’t know how she does it.

Jacki is essential to the interworking of the salon. She schedules most all of our appointments, checks everyone in + out and somehow tames our grooming department – which really is a job of its own. She does not back down from a challenge + has even learned to decipher the encrypted to-do lists left to her from me each morning. She brings big ideas to the table, which I greatly admire, + she does it all with a big, beautiful smile on her face!

A little-known fact about Jacki is that she is the mother to an entire pack of dogs. Seriously. Ask her. AND THEY ARE ALL ENORMOUS. This is little human does not back down from a challenge + truly goes after the things that make her happy in life. This is why she is so perfect for us. She does not shy away from our colorful pack, instead, she was an instant fit.

I could go on and on about the importance of Jacki but instead, I encourage all of you reading this to get to know her a little bit more next time you visit The Dog Salon. Be sure to say hello to her + return the smile. Youll be glad you did!

12 Jan 2017


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TATE ROBERTS is a diamond in the rough!

A little-known fact about The Dog Salon is that we have different departments that all work seamlessly together to create the best overall experience for our clients, furry & human.

Here’s what it looks like:

  • Client Care Dept.
    • Specializing in client satisfaction
  • Grooming Dept.
    • Providing the best grooming you can find in CLT
  • Bathing Dept.
    • Executes flawless dog bathing (yes, that very much IS a thing!)

Meet Tate! She is the Manager of our Bathing Department! Tate is hardcore. She leads a team of four other bathers, does quality control on every dog that walks out of here, handles our never ending list of salon repairs, tracks our shampoo usage, and keeps a detailed cleaning list. She does all of this while jamming out (and sometimes singing along to) 80’s rock. She preaches the importance of communication to her staff and is the first to wrap a towel around her beautiful curly head and blow the undercoat out of a Husky without complaint (we have photo evidence)! She is the definition of a leader.

Tate has always worked really hard. She comes to us after years of laboring away on a horse farm. She is a talented photographer likes to be outside, travel, and workout. All this while attending college with what I can only assume is a 4.0 GPA. Tate absolutely loves animals of any sort! I think she owns no less that roughly 9 dogs between her and her mom.

Tate is the sort of employee that you can trust without hesitation. She has a key to my house! She willingly stays there and cares for my high maintenance bunch of misfits anytime I ask her. It is awesome!

So next time you are at The Dog Salon and see a stunning young woman walking around who doesn’t appear to fit in with the rest of us – you know you’ve spotted her! Say hello and thank you for the flawless execution of your pups bath because more than likely, she had something to do with it!

05 Jan 2017


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Shareea Brown is our little grasshopper!

It was a quiet, fall morning back in 2013 when I first met Shareea. She was part of a program that helped single mothers to find jobs. We had agreed on a day and time to meet for an interview. In walks Shareea. Early to arrive, super quiet, very polite with one hell of a handshake – all things that I admire in a person! She even looked me in the eyes when she answered my questions! I was taken back from this after what seemed like an endless stream of seriously terrible interviews!

Shareea had zero experience. She had actually never had a real job before that day. I had no real reason to hire her or even give her an opportunity but something told me to listen to my gut & give her a try. After all, she had to be a better choice than the girl who had literally teetered in on stripper heels before her!

I have never been more impressed + proud of myself for making that decision! I absolutely LOVE to tell Shareea’s story! Here it is:

Shareea was brought on as a dog bather. We had to work with her a lot in the beginning but she eventually worked her way up to become the manager of our bathing department! She had employees under her and fearlessly led that team each day through a never ending list of clients who needed to be washed up to Lori’s intense standards. She was incredible. She used her mom voice often and got things done for us!

One day, Shareea asked to speak to me privately. Anyone who owns a business or manages other people knows the feeling of dread that instantly washes over you when you hear those words. I agreed and what came flying out of her mouth next surprised me…

“I want to be a Groomer.”

That’s all it took. More than anything on this planet, the spirit of a young woman going after her dreams is absolutely the way to my heart. We set forth a plan for her. She had a very strict training schedule under my groomers (something we NEVER do) as well as a pretty intense hands-on workshop schedule we made her sign up for at The Atlanta Pet Fair. I explained to her that if she really was serious and wanted it bad enough, it was absolutely possible but it was on her to put in the time and make it happen. That’s exactly what she did.

I am proud to say that today Shareea is a Groomer here at The Dog Salon. She is immensely talented and is always willing to learn & help out her co-workers. She has come such a long way and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for her. She is a true inspiration for other young mothers out there and a great role model for her beautiful daughter.

Shareea is in the process of building up her client list! To book with her, call us at 704.248.0991 and request to see Shareea (AKA Riri) – you will not be disappointed!

You can read more about her here!

05 Jan 2017


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Heather Himes is part of the OG group at The Dog Salon!

Heather has been at The Dog Salon for over 6 years & has a huge fan following! Heather can groom roughly 28 dogs before lunch flawlessly. Specially Yorkies, they are her absolute favorite! Heather’s attention for detail far surpasses anyone else at TDS. Her coworkers agree. “I don’t want to groom a dog that Heather normally does,” was the group answer when asked to comment.

Grooming is Heather’s day job. Her real passion is music. You might recognize her from her band, Dust and Ashes, who have grown to become very popular in Charlotte. She is currently playing solo shows + getting ready to release her new album, The Rower, as well as head off on a European Tour! This girl is busy making things happen for herself – be sure to book with her while you can!

Where you can find her:
Instagram: @heatherhimes @dustandashedqc

When she works:
Tuesday – Friday, call us at 704.248.0991 to schedule with her! Or click HERE!

05 Jan 2017


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Lori Chatelain is the General Manager at The Dog Salon.

She has been here since we opened our doors back in 2005 + has been working with animals for well over 20 years! You could say Lori is a local icon. She used to run a well-known local dive bar in Noda called, Bill’s Pub.

Lori is also known for her sidekick, Tater. Also a local hero. Tater Tot has a HUGE fan following that includes a group of tiny ballerinas from Open Door Studios who frequently stop in to say hello. ((Tater’s shenanigans can be followed on our Instagram page for those who are interested!))

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF LORI + TATER…or at least how I envision it. 

6am: Lori wakes up, slams a coffee & warms her hands up with one of those old school grip machine things in anticipation for the day ahead. The way I see it, she is also silently running through a list of standardized breed clip names, random client information that she will never need to remember for any reason ever, and important things to make fun of people about during the day ahead.
7 am: Shouts at Tater for the last time to,, “get out of bed and get ready to go”!
7:30am: Arrives at The Dog Salon to open shop, Tater in tow
7:45 am: Waters all of my neglected house plants. She then runs through her schedule & does a walk through of the salon to make sure everything is perfect for the day ahead.
8:00 am: Begins greeting clients + checking in her dogs
8:30am-?: Grooms no less than 47 dogs flawlessly all while making fun of her fellow employees (lovingly, of course) & doing quality control on each furry client that leaves here.
6 pm:  I am unsure what Lori does when she gets “home”. I suspect she secretly might live here, I cannot, however, prove it. I think if I had cable installed at the shop, we’d see more evidence of it in the form of McDonalds baked apple pie wrappers.

All jokes aside, Lori is the heart + soul of TDS. We adore her. She divides her time between grooming, chatting with her clients + coaching her employees up. She is the first one here and a lot of the time, last to leave. She is the real deal. Her love for dogs is evident + her grooming talents have been admired my many from across the country!

Where you can find her:
Instagram: @pinktaters

Work schedule:
Tuesday – Saturday, call us at 704.248.0991 to book with her!

Read more about Lori here!


04 Jan 2017


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First time visiting The Dog Salon? AWESOME! Here are a few FAQ for newbies!

A few things to know before your first visit:

  1. We believe strongly in building lasting relationships with our clients, both furry + human. Therefore, we try our very best to match your pup with the best Groomer possible + keep them with that groomer each time you visit! We believe this not only helps ease grooming related stress but allows parents to get to know their Groomer on a more personal level. You have the right to request a Groomer or even to switch out + try someone new at any time! Just let us know!
  2. You will always get a grooming consultation during drop-off! We will do our best to help you find the best style for your dog based on your desires + lifestyle choices. We will go over; coat, skin issues + anything else you want to talk about. We also keep very detailed grooming notes on file so be sure to let us know what you like + what you don’t like! Bring on the questions!
  3. We require proof of rabies + bordetella vaccinations for first-time visitors dropping off at our salon location. You can bring them with you or have them emailed (info@thedogsalon.com) or faxed (980-207-0656) to us. We will them add them to your file + give them right back to you! Simple!
  4. We encourage our clients to communicate with us + we try to make it as easy as possible! If there is ever an issue or something that you are not 100% happy with, please let us know ASAP! We will do our best to correct or edit our grooming notes for your next visit! We are here for you!
  5. Our self-serve dog wash is first come first serve! You never need to make an appointment + we are here to help with nail trims or to answer any grooming questions you have during your visit!

04 Jan 2017


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Pet sitting, walking, loving, playing, cuddling – whatever your need is, they will do it!


  1. Scheduling is SUPER easy! We’re talking click of a button easy!
  2. You are notified when they arrive to your home!
  3. You receive a detailed visit report with photos + a GPS tracked walking map!

AND you get all these other things included:

·       Fresh food/water

·       Medications if needed

·       Cleaning of the liter box

·       Disposal of pet waste

·       Bringing in mail / packages

·       Watering plants

We know the owners personally + can tell you from personal experience + from talking with clients we have referred to them, they are sooo much more than a pet sitting/walking service! These guys absolutely love what they do + are passionate about becoming Charlotte’s go-to for sitting/walking needs! They go above + beyond the call of duty + are very easy to communicate with! Guaranteed to make your life just a little bit easier!

We are putting our official stamp of approval on The Waggle Company! They are professional, + easy to work with! You will not find another sitting/walking company providing such detailed reporting anywhere else in CLT!





04 Jan 2017


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On + off leash dog training through use of proper communication techniques


  • Ability to walk your dog off-leash and with a loose leash with other dogs and people around.
  • Consistently and confidently call your dog back to you no matter what environment they are in.
  • Extended down stays – 30+ minutes
  • Calm indoor behaviors.
  • Focus on you, the handler, through severe distractions.
  • Confidence building for skittish, nervous and aggressive dogs.
  • Eliminating unwanted behaviors such as jumping, nipping, chewing, destructive behaviors, soiling in the house and excessive barking.


We know the owners personally + can vouch for their ability to communicate with dogs on a level that we will never understand! They are exceedingly knowledgeable in training techniques + animal communication! We love when they stop in to use our self-serve dog wash service; their dogs are always so alert and well behaved! It’s amazing to watch + always makes our shop dogs look really bad! (Sorry Tater!)


We are putting our official stamp of approval on KeenDog! They are professional + easy to work with! They believe in training that results in a dog that offers up good behaviors naturally, instead of having to be corrected or told what to do long-term.


FB: /keendogtraining/
IG: @keendogtraining

04 Jan 2017

“I’ll have the ‘Boo’ cut”

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As the weather warms up dog owners across the nation are heading to salons to get their dog a summer buzz cut, which sounds like a great idea – but in some cases can be harmful. What many dog owners don’t realize is that each breed has its own unique fur coat and hair growth pattern, so while a buzz on Polly the Poodle might help her feel cool and free in the heat, a buzz on Paco the Pomeranian can actually keep him from getting any cool air flow.
“It’s all about the insulation. If a dog is panting our natural reaction is to think they are hot. But a lot of times when you remove the undercoat you’re taking away their insulation and as a result the cool air goes out. It’s kind of like a refrigerator,” said Tami Estep, Groomer at The Dog Salon.

Pomeranians are an arctic spritz breed – widely known for their fluffy and dense double coat with long guard hairs. They are made to be fluff balls. Unfortunately, when shaved, the inner coat becomes damaged and never grows back into that original pom fluff and instead grows back fuzzy with a wiry texture. And when the hair is shaven so short it keeps the dog from staying cool in the summer and from keeping warm during the winter. Improper grooming of your pom can also lead to post clipping alopecia, which is when their hair follicles become so damaged that there is no hair growth for anywhere between 6-12 months. And because your pup is hairless in certain areas, (commonly on the elbows and body), they no longer have a cushion in between them and the floor and can develop sores and even allergies.

“Honestly you can never tell if a dog’s hair will grow back or not. For some Pomeranians after the third shave their hair stops growing back and for some it can happen after the first puppy cut. There really is now way to know,” Estep said.

So what’s the solution to taming your poms fluffy and easily matted hair?
Keep up with at least two home brush outs weekly – making sure to comb outwards rather than backwards. Tami says the goal should be to be able to  smoothly go through the coat. And when you do go in salon, just ask for a simple thinning and trimming to shape up some of that pom fluff.

What if my Pomeranian is already shaved down? Where do I go from here?
Often times their hair can grow back if kept away from clippers and scissors for at least a year, a little mini groom for the face, feet and sanitary is fine. But hey at the end of the day it is your decision – and if your dog is shaved don’t feel guilty, it’s not the end of the world! We can fix your pom up with a trimmed up lion cut or even hook them up with some creative color temporary tattoos.

Feel free to give us a call or just come on in and we can help you figure something that best fits your lifestyle needs!

27 Mar 2015


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Humanity VS Vanity

This is a hot topic for many groomers. A client will walk in with a matted dog and leave very upset because the groomer refused to brush out the mats, instead opting to shave the dog down. To put it simply, “I am a groomer because I love dogs, not because I want to torture them.” says Angie Hicks from The Dog Salon. “The main issue with brushing out an excessively matted dog is just that. It hurts!”

We have shaved many a dog here at The Dog Salon. Sometimes it is by owner request but many times it is purely for the love of the dog. Sometimes, knots and not-so-serious mating can be worked out with the right tools, time, and patience. We do consultations during drop offs at The Dog Salon. This is when we inform clients of the possibilities. We have had clients argue that the groomer is just being lazy. Lori Chatelain, a Groomer of 20+ years says it best, “If they cant brush out their pet, they shouldn’t expect the groomer to be able to do it either.”

On top of that, there are many health factors that play into demating a dog. Including what may lie beneath. Mats can fester skin infections, cut off circulation and cause serious health issues. Its better to ‘start over’ with a fresh cut. “The owner really needs to be proactive in brushing their pet on a weekly basis.” according to Groomer, Lori Chatelain. There is also the option of more frequent trips to the Groomer so that we can work it out before it becomes too much!

Here are some tips on brushing:

  • If your dog does become matted,dont bathe them! This can cause mats to become even tighter, causing an even bigger issue. Its best to take them to the groomer with expectations that they will be cut short.
  • DO NOT BRUSH WET. This can be very painful to your pet as well as damaging to the coat!
  • Be mindful of brush burn! Brush burn happens when a dog is brushed too hard, too much in the same spot which irritates the skin, OR if you are using the wrong brush! The staff at The Dog Salon love to nerd out on brush talk – stop in or call anytime with questions!