aka ‘The Works’

Our talented team of experienced Groomers are passionate about their jobs & it shows! At The Dog Salon, each pet is treated as if they were our own. We understand the anxiety involved for both parent and pooch when it comes to grooming & strive to build lasting, trusting relationships. We will pair you with the perfect groomer. You will get a consultation each time you drop your pup off so please bring all your questions & even pictures if you wish! We also keep detailed grooming notes in an effort to give you the perfect haircut based on your lifestyle needs. We also try our best to give you the same groomer each visit so your dog can feel as comfortable as possible with their new human friend. 

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The following is included in each grooming package:

  • one-on-one consultation with groomer
  • ears cleaned & plucked
  • anal glands expressed
  • nails clipped (dremeling can be substituted for $10)
  • spa bath with soothing, hydro massage
  • high velocity drying
  • brush out
  • full body haircut
  • bow or bandanna
  • smell-good spritz!
  • Plenty of selfies for social media!

Below is a base price list. Please note that things like weight, coat type, temperament, & matting may all play a factor in determining your price. If you have any concerns, please feel free to speak with us during your consultation. Once your groomer meets your dog & can see what they are working with, we can give you a accurate price!

$50+ Pomeranian
$50+ Toy/Mini Poodle
$50+ Maltese
$50+ Yorkshire Terrier
$55+ Lhasa Apso
$50+ Mini-Schnauzer
$50+ Shih Tzu
$50+ Bichon Frise

$60+ Cocker Spaniel
$60+ Border Collie
$60+ Sheltie
$65+ Golden Retriever
$75+ Poodle
$80+ Chow Chow
$90+ NewFoundland

Be sure to check out our Ali Carte add-ons for that special touch!